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[Workshop] Practical Colour Mixing Methodology Workshop May 8th to 23rd, 2021



Discover an in-depth PRACTICAL SCIENCE OF COLOUR MIXING METHODOLOGY! Why one must understand the relational pigment colour behaviours in order to succeed in mixing clear brilliant colours.

When: Saturdays & Sundays: May 8th to 23rd, 2021
Time: 1 pm to 5 pm
Where: King’s Framing & Art Gallery, 188 Voyer Rd. Cobeil ON
Cost: $275.00 (materials included)
Register early: Limited class size


Learn the Theory "WHY Blue and Yellow Don’t Make Green”
Instructor: Lise King Certified Teacher SoC

As we study the nature of colour, the history of the colour wheel, pigments, temperatures and undertones or bias. While experimenting with colour mixing, we will discover why colour mixing is an art in itself and need an in-depth study in order to understand the relational colour behaviours and succeed in mixing clear brilliant colours, unless you want to tone down a colour. Nevertheless, you will be in control.

In this course:

  1. We will study the history of the colour wheels
  2. The analogy of subtractive and additive colours, (wavelength and absorption theories)
  3. The natures of the coloured pigments and understand the theory behind pigments temperature biases.
  4. We will learn how colour behaves in relation to each other’s colour biases.
  5. How colour behaves in relation to other colours and shapes is a complex area of colour theory.
  6. Compare the contrast effects of different colour backgrounds for the same coloured square
  7. We will apply these theories to create harmonious paintings
  8. Finally, we will explore by creating paintings based with these colour harmonious theoretical combinations.

Suggested List of Material (to bring): 

  • Bring some watercolour brushes: one number 6 round and one flat 1/4 inch burshes.
  • Paper towels, foam plates and brush soap
  • Pen and paper and a binder.

Material List: 

Bring some watercolour brushes, one number 2, 6, 12 or 14 round and one flat 1/4 & 1 inch burshes.

  • Water container,
  • Paper towels,
  • Brush soap,
  • Foam plates,
  • Masking Fluid or Firsket,
  • Stylist or colour shaper...
  • Masking tape,
  • Painting board
  • Pen and paper with a binder.

Paint Colours are included with the Practical Theory part of the course. (except last day painting project).

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Artist Statement

I am a Canadian Northern multi-media artist that strives to create thoughtful and balanced pieces of art, a representation of my experiences in my artistic journey as I paint a path through self-discovery.  I pour my soul into my painting revealing a bit of who I am by my expressions of how I view my world, which enables me to discover more of myself on a deeper level as I express my prose to the viewer. 

As a realist, impressionist or abstract artist, I strive to capture the viewer’s senses.  Then again, when doing abstract I allow the movement of the paint to inspire my creativity in the course of my painting.  I believe art is a convergence of my life’s adventures, self-exploration, mindfulness, meditation, a path to self discovery forever emerging and mutating as I ground myself in my work.

Learning a range of mediums has allowed me to experiment by intergrading layers of various textures to create depth and form in my paintings whether it is a realist painting or abstract.  It reminds me of life many colourful layers. These different mediums have allowed me to express myself in a unique manner the images envisioned in my mind eye. Art mimics life’s course as we mature, through various experiences building layers that form our characters, an individual colourful mosaic for the viewer to enjoy.


Call Us on 705-752-4211 Or Email us on for more information.

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