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Our Affiliates Program provides unique opportunities for our valued affiliate partners

King’s affiliate program provides an exclusive way for your website or app to link to King’s content. Earn commissions on qualifying partnerships on product sales.

King’s helps affiliates using one powerful short link that can take fans to the finest art supply instantly by providing a place to buy art supplies. And that's just the beginning!

Capture more sales with one incredible link

Why shouldn't you get a commission for every sale you drive? King’s makes it easier than ever to start taking advantage of affiliate programs once you are set up, King’s will attach the correct affiliate parameters to each link you create.

King’s gives you more ways to turn clicks into commissions

  • Open a new revenue stream
  • Gain Profit from our experience
  • Earn up to 5% commission fees with a trusted e-commerce leader.

How to Join?

It's Easy and Free to Join!

Get up and running today. Just one approval to join — no third-party advertiser approvals.

Apply now, and we'll review your application within five business days.

For terms and conditions, read 

How does our Affiliate program work? 

Step 1: 

To sign up for the affiliate program, you'd need to login/sign up to your King's Framing & Art Gallery account. Upon logging in you'd see 'Affliate program' on right hand side. Simply fill the form to join the program.

We will get back to you within 4-5 business days.

King’s affiliate program is an easy process. Please take the time to read the terms and conditions. As an affiliate you will generate sales for our website and in turn receive appealing commissions in return.

Step 2: 

If you are eligible, you will receive links, banners, and flyers to promote King's Framing & Art Gallery. These can be used in your blog posts, website, apps, or share it with your friends over social platforms. When someone clicks on them, it will lead them to our website. We will be able to track the activities of the customers who come through you. If they buy the product(s) from us, you earn a 5% commission. Remember, you (as an affiliator) will not earn anything if you place any order through the coupon code.

You'd be given a unique coupon code that new customers coming through affiliated posts can use to place the order and get an extra 5% discount. You will not earn any commission if we see that the customer has directly landed on our website and has used your unique code to place the order. The customer HAS to purchase from the website through your exclusive coupon code.

New affiliate customers will receive a 5% discount if they go through an affiliate coupon code.

As an affiliate partner, you would earn 5% commission of the amount of purchase made by customers that have routed through your affiliated coupon code.

King’s Framing & Art Gallery reserves it’s right to change the terms and conditions of this program. 

How is my Earnings Applied?

Expenditure through couldn't be easier! 


  1. When checking out, can use the 'Affiliate Store Credit' option to generate a discount off your order. 
  2. You can also withdraw your credit to a PayPal or bank account, simply click the Balance tab on the left to request a payment.


  1. Affiliate Program: Auto 5% Commission Earned into affiliator account for each sale delivered.
  2. Payout Requirements: $20.00 (Minimum balance required for payout).
  3. Discount policy: 5% discount on their First order through the affiliate’s coupon code.