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Pan Pastel Extra Dark Warm Shade 10 Colour Set

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This set of ten Drawing colours are made with highest quality pigments, have excellent lightfastness and are so soft you cannot hold them. With this set you will receive 2 x storage jars, 4 x Sofft TM covers, 2 x sponge bars & 2 x mini applicators.

The Set of 10 Extra Dark Warm Colours Include:

  • Orange Extra Dark
  • Yellow Ochre Extra Dark
  • Diarylide Yellow Extra Dark
  • Hansa Yellow Extra Dark
  • Bright Yellow Extra Dark
  • Permanent Red Extra Dark
  • Red Iron Oxide Extra Dark
  • Burnt Sienna Extra Dark
  • Raw Umber Extra Dark
  • Neutral Grey Extra Dark
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Brand PanPastel®
New Colour Attribute #6AAD8A
Country of Manufacture United States
Type of Store Credit value Select

Pan Pastel Colours are genuine artists' quality pastels, uniquely packaged in a pan, allowing the artist to lift, blend, layer, control and apply pastel colour just like paint! Each pan contains 40% more material than the average stick.

PanPastel Colours are artists' quality pastels, packed in a pan format (that interlock with eachother). Designed so artists can easily lift, apply & control pastel colour, just like that of painting.

Made from quality pigments PanPastel Colours use a unique manufacturing process that requires minimal binder & fillers, resulting in a rich, highly pigmented, ultra soft & low dust formula.

They have excellent lightfastness, are fully erasable & are compatible with traditional pastel media, surfaces & fixatives. 


  • Each pan approximately measures 2.38" (62mm) and contains 9ml of colour
  • block in large areas of colour in seconds
  • allows for a more painterly effect in pastels
  • greater mark control
  • build up multiple or thin "glazing" layers
  • colours can be mixed/blended together
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