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Paint Palettes Oil | Acrylic | Watercolour

Paint Palettes Oil | Acrylic | Watercolour

There is a palette for everyone!

The pigment medium chosen and range of colours used by a particular artist will determine the size and the type of palette an artists will need. Palettes can be wood, plastic, or a disposable palette where you simply tear off the top sheet from a pad of paper and throw it away when you're finished painting.

Special palettes are available for acrylic painting, since acrylic paints dry very fast, particularly in warm climates, thus one cannot put a lot of acrylic paint on an ordinary palette as it'll most likely dry out before you've finished painting creating wasted paint. Various art supply companies have produced moisture-retaining acrylic palettes to solve this problem. The names vary depending on its purpose.

Wood Palettes l Mijello Fusion Palettes l Stay-Wet Palettes l Peel off Palettes l Multi-Palette Disposable Palette

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