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Encaustic Art Painting Iron

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This little iron was created for painting with wax, and when you use this IRON it will be "The Most Fun You Have Ever Had with an Iron!"

Smooth Base (no Teflon) and a high-quality temperature control gives you a STABLE LOW-TEMPERATURE. Packs flat and can be used as a small hotplate palette too! Voltage 110 /120v ~ 120w 60Hz Fitted with plug & flex. UL approved. This iron is a great tool for imaginative, exciting wax art!

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Great Encaustic compact and lightweight Iron, with adjustable temperature (usual setting just below ‘LOW’ – 200 degrees), and doubles as a mini hot-plate (for when you want to melt just one colour)!

Comes with Andrea’s ‘iron notes’ – 2 pages of tips/techniques from her Int’l Encaustic Conference teaching days.

This is a favourite tool… a sturdy encaustic iron that holds an adjustable yet stable working temperature and is both compact and lightweight.  The amazing thing about this iron is that it doubles as a mini hot-plate when only one colour needs to be melted.  Love this feature!  Andrea taught a workshop on the uses of this iron at the Annual Encaustic Conference for several years and will enclose her two pages of teaching notes with each purchase.  These outline various techniques for putting in collage, gouging with the iron, creating texture, using organic items in the wax, and more.

Our lightweight compact painting iron is the essential basic tool for hot wax (encaustic) painting.  It maintains a steady low heat ideal for waxes and is easily converted from iron to mini hotplate or palette.  Easy to clean while warm and versatile for many effects including point work edge work lifting and smoothing.  The encaustic art painting iron is the tool that makes encaustic artwork easily accessible to everyone.

The Encaustic Art Painting Iron is made to a high specification with a fine quality thermostat which means that there is little or no noticeable difference in temperature at any time when the iron is in use.  Poorer thermostats (usual on travel irons) will make the wax colours very liquid when at the hot part of the temperature cycle and may not even be hot enough to properly melt the wax colours at the low point in the heating cycle.  Our Encaustic Painting Iron offers the control and predictability required for hot wax painting.

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