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Colour Shaper Extra Firm Black - Angle Chisel Point No16


These extra firm Clay Shaper Modeling Tools have distinctive black rubber tips and an entirely new approach to working with clay, plasticine, wax, plaster, heavy body paints, and tough adhesives. Specially designed for artists and craftspeople who prefer to work three dimensionally, Clay Shaper features an extra firm tip and cleans in seconds. Long lasting and solvent resistant.

Clay Shapers have been especially designed for medium scale work and Polymer clay artists. The set comes with one of each of that follows a Cup Chisel (adjust contours and edges. Carve clay. Remove clay). Taper Point (carve patterns through slips and glazes. Create clean linear strokes. Make broad forceful marks. Flat Chisel (apply and carve clay. Create flat even strokes. Cup Round (smooth throwing and scoring marks. Create soft edge strokes. Angle Chisel (Create expressive strokes. Works from thick to thin. Makes precise marks).

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Brand Royal Sovereign Ltd
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
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Colour Shapers unique silicone-tipped artist’s tools

Colour Shapers are a sensible alternative to painting knives when working impasto. Use them also to build glaze layers free of brushstrokes.

Colour Shapers create unusual gestural effects in watercolour and hard-edged calligraphic strokes with ink. Try them for blending, smudging, and dabbing your pastel paintings and charcoal drawings too.

  • Clay Shaper tips are like a brush with an extra-firm, long-lasting rubber composite tip. Used for precision modeling, carving patterns through slips, painting glazes, and applying resists.

  • Apply oil or acrylic straight from tube with a Colour Shaper, and then carve back into paint for unusual surface effects, including calligraphy. Use the rubber tip shapes to lift or blend paint, draw line, and draw contours.

Colour Shaper Tips:

  • Sizes: 0, 2, 6, 10 and 16.
  • Taper Point: Apply and carve paint. Blend charcoal and pastel. Create clean linear strokes. Make broad forceful marks.
  • Cup round: Move heavy paint. Control think colour. Create soft Edged strokes. Blend pastel and charcoal.
  • Cup Chisel: Adjust contours and edges. Carve paint. Remove paint.
  • Flat Chisel: Blend paint. Mix paint on the palette. Create flat even strokes of colour.
  • Angle Chisel: Create expressive strokes. Work from thick to thin. Make precise marks.
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