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Weekly Art Lessons

Weekly Art Lessons

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We are all born with artistic abilities. But the ability of making great works of art is a learned skill, just like music or sports, etc. We would all love to be born geniuses, but we are not born that way, we all need to study and be taught to learn about our world and to develop new skills.

There is one thing you can be assured of:

No one is born with remarkable artistic ability, although everyone is artistically inclined, and have the ability to learn the skills to create amazing artworks.

Yes, it takes some practice, but not years' worth before seeing improvements.

The only reason so many amateur artists go around in circles, never seeing much improvement in their artwork, is because they are doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result. They have not developed the skills needed to grow.

Practice does NOT make perfect. It makes permanent.

Only the right kind of practice leads to improvement. With proper instructions one can develop the artistic skills to become a great artist.

If you want to make serious improvements in your works of art this year, learn from a professional art instructor. It will dramatically shorten your learning curve.

Register today for weekly lessons, if you have the desire then Lise King, a professional artist and instructor can help you reach your full desired potential. If you have inquiries, please feel free to call me at 705-752-4211 or drop by the store.

What would the world be without ART? EMPTY – Lise King