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About Us

King's Framing and Art Gallery is a family run business, both having distinguished artistic careers sought to carry these skills over in an artistic concept.

King’s Framing & Art Gallery strive to attend to all your artistic needs. Our Art supply department attends to your creative needs.  Our Framing and Art Gallery can attend to all your framing needs.  While our Art Education attends to your artistic needs, from beginners to professional.

We believe that Art education is a life long journey.  The Art Education department, Lise King a multi-disciplined art instructor attends to students of all levels, she teaches students in various mediums and styles. King’s also brings in guess art instructors as well, making Corbeil the perfect place to create a vibrant art community for all to enjoy.

Artist/Instructor Lise King background was always in the arts, she was a certified hairstylist and makeup artist before changing her career to visual arts and opening an art store.  Since then she attained a product specialist certificate, colour theorist certificate, and trained by diverse manufacturers specialized products.  She keeps taking different training lessons to keep up with new and innovative products, expanding her knowledge in the art industry.

Upon discovering the art of custom framing which inspired Bob King to pursue as a career.  Bob was a Licensed Sheet Metal Mechanic designing intricated metal works of art.  Bob acquired some training in the industry of custom framing and shift from the art of fabricating sheets of metal to the art of custom framing.  Like he quoted “what is cardboard compare to metal”.  Bob elevates your beautiful individual works of art, complementing the artwork or your reminiscent piece of art. Each piece requires its own unique dressing to complement the piece, paying attention to details.

Loyal to helping our fellow artists and artistic friends Since 2008.

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We are an artists centered gallery.  We value your art as if it was our own.  We customize our framing to your needs.  We also carry front load and back load wood frames for your canvas paintings, which give exhibiting artists uniformity.  These frames also enable artists to easily interchange their artwork for each venue.

King's Custom Framing and Print Shop

Weather you are an exhibiting artist or an artist that paints Christmas cards, your artwork is an investment of your time which can become a long-term investment for a Friend, Family Member, Private Collector, or Art Gallery.  Start branding your career with quality products.  The bottom line is, the importance of presentation: By using good quality paints, canvas', paper, framing materials will ensure maximum longevity of your creation for centuries to come.  Make your mark by Using the Right Tools for the Job.  Take pride in your craftsmanship and Presentation of your creation.

Best Value? Why art matters?

Art is an extremely important part of the education and the well being of children and young adults and Seniors.

The benefits of the arts is a soft skill gained through the arts in a world of automated technology; observational skills, analytical skills, self disciplined skills, craftsmanship, decision making, learning from mistakes, and confidence building and self esteem by being able to create and complete something unique with your own hands is invaluable and extremely self satisfying in todays robotic industry.

Weather you are looking for top quality art tools or a novice artist looking for the best bang for your buck.

We offer our honest advice and help.  We believe in competitive pricing and will “Price Match” to give back to our fellow artists.

In our Custom Framing Print shop, we use only 100% Acid Free Archival materials such as our Matting/Mounts, Foam core backing and linen tape, so that your art work can breathe. We do our best for your artwork.

For all of your projects we have an assortment of Metal, Standard, Solid Wood frames and Specialty frames that will satisfy your needs.

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