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Winsor & Newton Gum Arabic 75ml

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Gum Arabic increases the brilliance, gloss, and transparency of watercolours. Use it for controlling spread when painting wet-on-wet.

Gum Arabic is a pale coloured solution that controls the spread of wet colour

  • Reduces staining and slows drying
  • Increase transparency, brilliance and gloss
  • Dilute with water as required
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Brand Winsor & Newton
Size 75 ml
New Colour Attribute #fd8679
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Type of Store Credit value Select

Winsor & Newton Gum Arabic is to watercolours what linseed oil is to oil paints. Most watercolours use Gum Arabic as part of the binder for the colour.

Adding Gum Arabic to a tube of watercolour paint will increase the transparency and add slight glossiness to the colour.

Gum Arabic solution is thickened to closely emulate the consistency of the paint from the tube. Great to add at end of painting to create a glossy wet looking finish.

Winsor and Newton gum Arabic is a pale coloured solution that controls the spread of wet colour.

  • Reduces staining and slows drying.
  • Increase transparency, brilliance and gloss.
  • Dilute with water as required.
  • Conforms to ASTM D4236.
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