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Tri-Art Solucryl Light Red 250 ml Bottle


Solucryl is a revolutionary product that offers the perfect choice for school art classes. Solucryl is a liquid re-soluable acrylic paint that can be used straight from the bottle by simply squirting the paint onto a palette. the paint can be allowed to dry on the palette or teachers can fill cups for the next day lesson. Dried solucryl works like a tempera block by moistening them with a wet brush. Unlike a dry tempera block they are clean vibrant colours that mix nicely and will not flake off or dust when they dry. If you prefer a thick acrylic paint just mix the liquid Solucryl with any acrylic medium to add body to the colour for impasto effects. Odourless non-toxic and versatility make Solucryl the first choice in the classroom.

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  • Design and illustration
  • Classroom painting
  • Permanent colour - add Solucryl Permanent Medium
  • Mono printing
  • Marbling - add Solucryl Permanent Medium
  • Fabric Painting - add Solucryl Permanent Medium
  • Airbrush - add Solucryl Resoluble Medium
  • Window painting
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    Brand Tri-Art
    Size 250 ml
    New Colour Attribute #C24A20
    Country of Manufacture Canada
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