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Staedtler T-Square Hardwood with Dual Clear Edges, 24 inch


Staedtler T-Square Hardwood with Dual Clear Edges, 24 inch, 2-½ inch-63 cm Blade Width

The head of this handy t-square is affixed with five screws to assure stability. The elevated, transparent edges serve a dual purpose, both to aid visibility of the line being drawn and to prevent ink smears.

Wood T-square features a dual clear elevated acrylic edge and a screw-fixed wooden head. Ideal for technical drawing.

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Ideal for engineers, architects, and craftsmen who need their lines drawn accurately with precision. Edges are made from tough acrylic to resist chipping and are elevated to keep clear of your pencil lead.

Durable Acrylic Edges Slide your pen or pencil along the hard-acrylic edge of this Staedtler-Mars T-square and get a straight line every time. The acrylic stays straight and level without developing the notches and cracks that lead to an uneven or dented line.

Elevated Profile: The elevated edges of this Staedtler-Mars T-square remain clear of the paper and give you a clear view of your line as it is drawn. By making contact with the wood of your pencil rather than scraping along its lead, the elevated straight edge guides your line without cutting into your drawing point. This helps prevent breaks and premature dulling of the lead.

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