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Speedball Paper Stencil Beginner Screen Printing Kit

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Introduces a new user to the concept of screen printing through the paper stencil method utilizing the Essential screen printing tools. 

Kit contains (1) 10X14 Mesh frame, (1) red baron squeegee, (1) 4oz black fabric screen printing ink, (1) graphic 360 marker paper pad, (1) craft stick, (1) craft Knife, and instructions.

  • Print in minutes
  • Fastest and easiest way to start screen printing
  • Introduces a new user to the concept of screen printing through the paper stencil method utilizing the essential screen printing tools
  • Create and cut up to 50 paper stencils
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Screen Printing Methods

Paper Stencil Method is the best method for a beginner. It is the fastest, least expensive, and simplest way to prepare a screen. The Paper Stencil Method is good for geometric shapes and basic patters. It is not intended for complicated designs or lettering. Begin by cutting an illustration from paper. Keep the paper flat and not wrinkled. For more accurate and durable cut paper stencils, use freezer wrap (shiny side up). Designs can be cut with scissors or stencil knife or they can be torn to create a textured appearance.

Stencil Screen Printing is the quickest and easiest way to screen print – going from idea to finished print in as little as 20 minutes. There is no limit to the creativity of stencil art. Henri Matisse was known to use the stencil techniques in the creation of screen printed art.

Screen Filler Method (Direct block-out or “Negative Method”) Using Screen Filler is another simple means of preparing a screen for printing. The screen filler is used to block out those areas that you do not wish to print. This allows the ink to be forced through the screen wherever the Screen Filler has not been applied.

Drawing Fluid – Screen Filler Method (Tusche – resist or “positive method”)

Photographic Emulsion Method you are to use a polyester screen fabric. Nylon will stretch with water-based inks and is not suitable. Do not use silk or organdy if you wish to reclaim the screen.

This is one of the most exciting methods of screen printing because it offers the widest range of possibilities. It makes possible the printing of fine line drawings, various hand and commercial lettering techniques, as well as photographic half-tone positives.

PRINTING WITH FABRIC INKS For the most part, screen printing on fabric is the same as printing on paper. Use only fabrics that can be subjected to temperatures of at least 275 - 375° F. Do not use on non-porous fabrics such as nylon. Pre-test all fabrics. Fabrics with sizing must be washed prior to printing. This will assure proper adhesion of the fabric ink to the fabric.

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