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Speedball Hunt Calligraphy Nib #56 Standard School

#56 Standard School

Hunt #56 Standard School: Possessing a stiff action, this nib is steady and durable, making it a perfect tool for beginners. Ideal for use on notecards, invitations, scrapbooking and more

The Hunt 56 stiffness and durability: A lot of pressure is needed to create big swells, and it can produce decent hairlines: Performs well on both smooth and textured papers. Calligraphers of all skill levels will enjoy this nib, but it is perfect for beginners.

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#56 Standard School Nib — Stiff action, rounded point fine drawing pen for student use, bronze finish.

Speedball has been a trusted name in handcrafted nibs and pens for the calligrapher, letterer, and drawing artist for over 100 years. These Flexible Pen Point Nibs are also known as Hunt Artists' Pen Nibs. The No. 56 School nib features a stiff, fine tip suitable for student use. It has a bronze finish and fits in standard pen holders. 

  • Ideal for use on notecards, invitations, scrapbooking and more
  • The nib is useful for writing larger letters on smooth or textured papers.
  • The nib is a steady and durable one making it a great nib for beginners.
  • The nib produces healthy swells of ink when firm and deliberate pressure is applied. Strong hairlines.
  • Measurements: 31mm long x 6mm wide

The #22B, #56 and #99 nibs may all be used with either a straight/classic style or oblique penholder.

Speedball Standard Point Dip Pen Nibs

Three types of pen nib holders are available: standard point, fine point, and crow quill.

Standard pen nibs have a larger, half-round body which only fits a standard pen holder. The standard pen holder is also used for scratch art and linoleum cutters.

  • Standard nibs do not fit in quill or fine point holders.
  • Crow quill pen nibs have a cylindrical holder.
  • Fine point nibs fits in a holder with a smaller, half-round body.
  • #512 Bowl Pointed Nib —Fine pen for ruling and lettering.
  • #513Ef Globe Nib —Extra fine bowl pointed for industrial arts.
  • #22B Standard Extra Fine Nib —Medium stiff, bronze finish, for ornamental work and ruling.
  •  #56 Standard School Nib —Stiff action, fine drawing pen for student use, bronze finish.
  • #99 Standard Drawing Nib —Extra fine point, especially for drafting and lithography.
  • #101 Imperial Nib —Flexible for ornamental work, bronze finish.

Standard Pen Holders Speedball Standard Pen Holder — 6-1/2" long, black plastic holder fits all standard pen points, scratch knives and lino cutters. Not for crow quill or fine point nibs.

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