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Speedball Akua Gel Printing Kit 7 Piece

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Speedball® Akua™ Gel Printing Kit — Professional-quality Akua™ Intaglio Inks are loaded with pigment and stay open for a very long time. They work beautifully with Speedball Gel Printing Plates. Offered at a great value, the Akua™ Gel Printing Seven Piece Kit Contains:

  • 5" × 5" Speedball Gel Printing Plate
  • 4" Speedball Pop-In Soft Rubber Brayer
  • 2 oz jars of Akua Intaglio Ink in Hansa Yellow, Quinacridone Magenta, and Ultramarine Blue
  • 1 oz bottle of Akua Liquid Pigment Ink in Jet Black
  • 1 oz bottle of Akua Blending Medium Modifier
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Create Beautiful, One-Of-A-Kind Prints For A Variety Of Projects With Gel Printing Plates

The Akua™ Gel Printing kit allows artists of all skill levels to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind print. Bringing Speedball’s® Gel Printing Plate together with the Akua™ line of professional printmaking inks, this set features everything that’s needed to add a new dimension to projects ranging from scrapbooking to fine art – and everywhere in between! 

Speedball Monoprinting Gel Plates over ease-of-use for spontaneous creativity. These plates feature a lower profile than competitors’ plates, which allows for greater detail. The thin profile also allows for convenient storage, especially in combination with the specially designed packaging that neatly stores your plates between uses. Speedball Gel Printing Plates work great with Speedball Block Printing, Screen Printing and Akua inks, as well as acrylic or oil paints and dies. Plates clean up easily with soap and water.

Great for mixed media, card making, journaling, scrapbooking, home décor, and much more, For best results, use Speedball Gel Printing Plates with printmaking inks such as Akua Intaglio Inks, Akua Liquid Pigment, Speedball Water-Based Block Printing Inks, and Speedball Screen Printing Inks.

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