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Prismacolor Premier Woodless Coloured Art Stix - Pink


Prismacolor Art Stix, are artist-quality woodless coloured pencils for every level of expertise. They contain high-quality pigments for rich colour saturation, with soft cores that equal the creamy consistency of Prismacolor Premier Coloured Pencils for superior blending and shading.

Especially suited for colour coverage of large areas, Art Stix offers a bold, smooth laydown of colour. They measure 3¼" × ¼" (82 mm × 6 mm) and can be sharpened to a point for detailed work.

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Brand Prismacolor
New Colour Attribute #FB5998
Country of Manufacture Mexico
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Prismacolor Art Stix are contains the same rich, creamy leads of the Premier Soft Core Coloured Pencils but without wood casing to hold you back. No need to sharpen, so you can put your vision to paper ASAP.

The soft core is fully exposed so you can lay it on even thicker in a single stroke. To the expert, it’s an essential and to the novice it’s a good place to start.

The high quality pigments can be sharpened to a point or used blunt, perfect for small projects and larger areas of coverage.

They complement the Prima colour line with a range of colours that matches Prismacolor’s Premier Coloured Pencils, Verithin Coloured Pencils, and Watercolour Coloured Pencil palettes.

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