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Prismacolor Premier Coloured Pencil Set-48


Bring your artistic vision to life with Prismacolor Artist Quality Coloured Pencils! With a range of 48 vibrant colours, your illustrations and sketches will be off to a vivid start. Inside the box you’ll find coloured pencils featuring soft cores that are the artist’s choice for blending, shading and layering. At the same time, Prismacolor art pencils feature pigments of unparalleled quality and leads that are thick and durable. This empowers you to effortlessly transition between forceful lines, delicate blends and smooth shadows.

Set 48 Colours Contain: PC914, PC1084, PC916, PC1002, PC942, PC1003, PC1034, PC918, PC921, PC922, PC926, PC924, PC930, PC994, PC995, PC929, PC928, PC927, PC939, PC956, PC1008, PC932, PC933, PC902, PC903, PC904, PC1027, PC901, PC992, PC905, PC989, PC1005, PC913, PC912, PC910, PC909, PC911, PC908, PC941, PC943, PC945, PC937, PC947, PC946, PC935, PC938, PC949, PC950.

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Brand Prismacolor
Country of Manufacture Mexico
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Thick cores of colour last long to bring bold statements to life, while soft leads make them the best tool to blend in or shade away. They’re vivid and intense in one stroke and subtle and soft in the next, making them perfect for any project, big or small. Smooth coverage and a wide array of colours to choose from make it easy to find a soft spot for these premium pencils.

Set - 48 Coloured Pencils contains of each colours: 

Cream, Ginger Root, Canary Yellow, Yellowed Orange, Yellow Ochre, Spanish Orange, Goldenrod, Orange, Pale Vermilion, Poppy Red, Carmine Red, Crimson Red, Magenta, Process Red, Mulberry, Pink, Blush Pink, Light Peach, Peach, Lilac, Parma Violet, Violet, Violet Blue, Ultramarine, True Blue, Lt. Cerulean Blue, Peacock Blue, Indigo Blue, Light Aqua, Aquamarine, Chartreuse, Lime Peel, Spring Green, Apple Green, True Green, Grass Green, Olive Green, Dark Green, Light Umber, Burnt Ochre, Sienna Brown, Tuscan Red, Dark Umber, Dark Brown, Black, White, Metallic Silver & Metallic Gold.

Prismacolor Premier Coloured Pencils are the most popular coloured pencils we sell. Each coloured pencil features a thick, soft core made from brilliant, light-resistant pigments, to ensure smooth, rich lay-down and colour saturation.

The colours are easily blended, slow to wear, break-resistant, and waterproof. Each 3.8 mm core is enclosed in a round cedar casing that is lacquered to match the core.

Choose from a variety of sets — or replenish your favorites with individual coloured pencils. Available Set of 48, 72 and 150

Manual sharpening is recommended for these pencils. Clogging can be prevented in electric sharpeners by periodically sharpening a graphite pencil to keep the blades clean.

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