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Printing Mediums

Printing Mediums

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  1. Jacquard Resitad Water-based Gutta, 8 oz.

    Special Price $28.39 Regular Price $33.40
  2. Speedball® Akua Starter Set - 6 pc

    Special Price $27.02 Regular Price $31.79
  3. Akua Extender 4 oz

    Special Price $11.72 Regular Price $13.79
  4. Akua Blending Medium 4 oz

    Special Price $11.72 Regular Price $13.30
  5. Akua Mag Mixing Modifier

    Special Price $18.52 Regular Price $21.79
  6. Akua Release Agent 8 oz

    Special Price $19.37 Regular Price $22.79
  7. Akua Transparent Base 8 oz

    Special Price $18.69 Regular Price $21.99
  8. Akua Needle Applicator Set

    Special Price $25.07 Regular Price $29.50
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9 Items

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Akua modifiers (conditioners) for Akua Pigments (Monotype inks) and Akua Intaglio inks

Modifiers for Akua Pigments (Monotype)

  • Extender is used to reconstitute Akua Pigments that has thickened on the palette over time.
  • To thicken Akua Pigments immediately for stronger semi-gloss colour and for printing without a press, add Tack Thickener. Slowly pour Akua Colour into the Tack Thickener; it is always easier to mix a thinner ingredient into a thicker ingredient.
  • To make a thicker transparent ink add Akua Pigments to Transparent Base.
  • To prevent the ink from drying on the plate, add Retarder to Akua Pigments.
  • To create wash effects and blends on monotype plates and paper, use Blending Medium.
  • Print a layer of Akua Oil Converter on top of a finished monotype print to deepen colours and add a semi-gloss finish.

 Modifiers for Akua Intaglio

  • If a stiffer consistency is desired, it is best to use the Oil Converter. Before mixing, work the Oil Converter with the ink knife till it's smooth. Then add Akua Intaglio Ink into the Oil Converter: start with small amounts until the desired thickness is achieved.
  • Make Akua Intaglio more transparent by adding Transparent Base
  • Create new colours by mixing Akua Intaglio inks with one another using an ink knife.
  • Akua Pigments can also be added to Akua Intaglio Inks. Akua Pigments is so highly concentrated that a few drops added to the same Akua Intaglio colour will enrich it.
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