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Akua Printmaking Inks | Sets

Akua Printmaking Inks | Sets

Both Akua Liquid Pigment and Akua Intaglio are made with high quality light-fast pigments for the professional artist. They do not contain toxic dryers or hazardous ingredients. Are a versatile ink with ideal performance, working properties, and safer printmaking. Highest quality lightfast pigments were created by professional printmakers to contain no chalk or suspending agents. 

Akua Intaglio: Heavy Body Ink with a Soy Binder About Akua Intaglio and NOT WATER SOLUBLE (dissolves with soap and water) Akua Intaglio is a printmaker’s dream come true. Originally formulated for intaglio printmaking is a soy-based ink can also be applied with a brayer for relief printmaking, monotype, and collographs that will print from any plastic, wood, linoleum, or metal plate. Made with high-quality lightfast pigments and contains no driers, offering a long working time for monotype or wiping the plate. Easy to clean up with soap and water.

Akua Liquid Pigment: Fluid ink with a Gum Arabic Binder and WATER SOLUBLE (dissolves in water) Originally developed for monotype printmaking, Akua Liquid Pigment can also be used for other techniques, such as Japanese woodcut and painting on paper. By adding drops of these concentrated pigments into Akua Intaglio Transparent Base, you can custom make intaglio or relief inks. Colours are exceptionally strong, yet transparent. This viscosity makes it ideal for printing many layers of ink on top of each other. Rich working consistency ideal for all monotype techniques. Stays wet for classroom convenience. Cleans up easily with water.

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