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Pan Pastel 5 Shades of Colour Stater Set

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Pan Pastels are one of the most innovative new artist mediums on the market, contains virtually pure pigment. Pan Pastel Colours can be mixed for an infinite palette of colours.

The Set of 5 Shades Set Includes:

  • Violet Shade
  • Ultramarine Blue Shade
  • Permanent Red Shade
  • Chromium Oxide Green Shade
  • Hansa Yellow Shade
  • 1 x Storage Jar
  • 1 x Instructions
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Brand PanPastel®
Country of Manufacture United States
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PanPastel Colours are artists' quality pastels, packed in a pan format (that interlock with eachother). Designed so artists can easily lift, apply & control pastel colour, just like that of painting. Colours are sold individually and in sets.

Made from quality pigments PanPastel Colours use a unique manufacturing process that requires minimal binder & fillers, resulting in a rich, highly pigmented, ultra soft & low dust formula.

Each colour is very highly pigmented, and enables the artist to fully enjoy the inherent characteristics of each pigment used. Pan Pastel Colours can be mixed and blended, like paint, for an infinite palette.

They are the first pastel colours to be tested using the new ASTM pastel lightfastness standards currently in draft form. Each pan contains 40% more than the average soft pastel stick.

They have excellent lightfastness, are fully erasable & are compatible with traditional pastel media, surfaces & fixatives. 


  • block in large areas of colour in seconds
  • allows for a more painterly effect in pastels
  • greater mark control
  • build up multiple or thin "glazing" layers
  • colours can be mixed/blended together
  • Each pan approximately measures 2.38" (62mm) and contains 9ml of colour
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