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Painting | Cleaning Accessories

Painting | Cleaning Accessories

These accessories for acrylic painting include both essential items you'll need for painting with acrylic oil and alkaline paints, as well as a few non-essential items that you might want to experiment with.

For instance, most surfaces need to be primed with gesso, and finished paintings need to be protected from the elements with varnish, so these supplies are considered "essential".

Brush Cleaners will help with the longevity of your brushes, while keeping the brushes clean and subtle.

You may want to include the different tools you can use to apply paint and special palettes designed to stop acrylics from drying out - these items are "non-essential" but they might come in handy!

Primer/Gesso l Varnish l Palettes l Palette l Painting Knives l Paint Shapers l Brush Cleaners

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