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Lukas Travel Box

Lukas Travel Box

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Germany's Finest Artists' Watercolours

Named after the seminal year in which Dr. Fr. Schoenfeld developed the formula for permanently moist watercolours, LUKAS Aquarelle 1862 Watercolours are a truly premium paint both steeped in tradition and improved through research and innovation. The finest classical and modern artists' pigments are combined with Gum Arabic, dextrin, and special glucose derivatives to produce paints with vivid colour intensity as well as superior dilution and coverage. Available in half pans, whole pans, and 24ml tubes, LUKAS Aquarelle 1862 Watercolours are among the finest artists' grade paints offered today. With over 145 years of experience and development, LUKAS delivers a product that is luminous and professional: qualities you can harness for yourself in your paintings!

  • Pronounced Colour Intensity - Vibrant colour intensity and superior transparency distinguish LUKAS Aquarelle 1862 Watercolours from lesser contenders. Utilizing the finest pigments in the highest possible concentration allows LUKAS to create a watercolour with outstanding gradient characteristics from the purest pigment to the most delicate of washes.

  • Extraordinary Brilliance - Even the most demanding of artists will be impressed by the exceptional brilliance and the superb mixing ability of LUKAS 1862 Aquarelle Watercolours. Of the 70 colours available, a generous 48 are one-pigment shades, allowing for vivid luminosity and clean, true-to-life colour mixing.

  • Highest Possible Light Fastness - All of the classical and modern pigments used in LUKAS 1862 Aquarelle Watercolours conform to the highest possible light fastness rating. None of the pigments fall below a 6 to 7 on the international, standardized 8-step blue wool scale; a quality designed to ensure the long-lasting permanence of your valuable artwork.

  • Superior Colour Lifting - The exclusive blend of wetting agents in LUKAS Aquarelle 1862 Watercolours provides them with a "permanently moist" consistency. Not only does this consistently lend a regenerative quality to the paints, allowing them to be easily re-wetted if dry, it also makes for improved colour-lifting capabilities; the ease of which can eliminate the need to "scrub" your brushes into the pans, thereby extending the life of expensive brushes.

  • Limitless Options - With a stunning 70-colour spectrum all available in half pans, whole pans, and 24ml tubes, you are sure to find the watercolour paint right for you. Bring the vivid brilliance of LUKAS Aquarelle 1862 Watercolours into your paintings and watch your artwork come to life!