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Marabu Mixed Media Acrylic Paint

Marabu Mixed Media Acrylic Paint

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High Quality Water-Soluble Acrylic Spray Paint!

Marabu Art Spray is a light-fast, high quality water soluble acrylic spray paint. The non-aerosol pump is cosmetic grade, made in Germany and is available in 50ml size.

Art Spray works well on a variety of surfaces such as, canvas, gesso, paper, wood, plaster, bisque fired clay and most other absorbent or semi absorbent surfaces. It also works well on vinyl, polypropylene and polyester such as Lutradur or similar minimally absorbent surfaces. It’s excellent for layering over acrylic paint, pencil, permanent marker, watercolour, soft pastel, acrylic grounds and mediums.

Art Spray can be brushed if desired (Synthetic or Synthetic natural fiber blend brushes are recommended) and the colours blend easily. Art Spray cleans up with soap and water. Shake the bottle well before use.

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