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Golden Acrylic Paint | Sets

Golden Acrylic Paint | Sets

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Golden Acrylic Colours are highly intense, permanent acrylic colours with a consistency similar to heavy cream. Produced from light-fast pigments, not dyes, they offer very strong colours with very thin consistencies. Available in Heavy Body, Fluid, High Flow and Air Brush.

No fillers or extenders are added and the pigment load is comparable to Golden Heavy Body Acrylics. Unlike mixtures of heavy-bodied paints and water which produce weak colour and films by dilution, Fluid Acrylics contain high pigment levels suspended in an acrylic polymer vehicle. The result offers fine dispersion, high tinting strength, durability, flexibility and good adhesion.

Fluid Acrylics are ideal for spraying, brushing, staining, and can be mixed with other Golden Products. Blend with Airbrush Medium for spray application. Excellent for fabric application.