Pebeo Deco Gold Foil Gilding Leaves 14cm Square Pack of 12 - Copper

Pébéo Deco Gold Foil Gilding Leaves 14cm Square Pack of 12 Sheets

Pébéo Gold - Gold 25 Sheets

Gédéo Gilding Gold Leaves - Gold 25 Sheets

Mona Lisa Gold Metal Leaf Starter Kit Set

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Gold Leaf Starter Kit contains everything you need to complete your first gold leaf project!

Gold Leaf Starter Kit Contains: Set includes Gold Leaf Sheets-5 1/2 x 5 1/2 inch composition, 25-fl. oz. Liquid Adhesive, 25-fl. oz. Liquid Sealer, 25-fl.oz. Antiquing Glaze, 25-fl.oz. Liquid Base-coat and instruction guide. 

A starter kit for metal leaf projects of all kinds

  • Turn an old frame or other object into a gilded treasure
  • Add lustre to you paintings
  • Great for sprucing up home decor items with a rich lustrous look of gold
  • Tips and techniques guide make the leafing process fun and foolproof
  • Can be used on plastic, wood, glass, paper, metal, ceramic, and plaster of Paris
  • Made in US
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Speedball Mona Lisa Gold Leafing Give Your Art A 24 Karat Look!

Speedball's Mona Lisa Gold Leafing is perfect for sprucing up artwork or home decor with a rich and lustrous look of 24 karat gold, silver and other precious metals! Turn any item around the house into its own work of art. Apply to artwork and paintings themselves for an extra level of texture and shine that will bring any work of art to life. Easy to use and apply, this line of Gold Leafing supplies also makes a great gift item.

Simple leaf: 5.5 x 5.5" sheets of leafing in packs of 18. Available in gold, silver and copper.

Metal flakes: Consisting of small pieces of Mona Lisa Metal Leaf which is ideal for use on textured surfaces. Available in gold, silver, copper and variegated colours.

Simple Leaf & Adhesive Pen: Sets include 1 adhesive pen and 6 sheets of simple leaf. Available in gold and silver.

Gold Leaf Starter Set: Set includes 6 sheets of composition gold metal leaf, metal leaf adhesive, water-based sealer, red basecoat, antiquing glaze and instruction guide.

Mona Lisa Red Basecoat: Water-based basecoat adds a deep red luster to metal leaf projects prior to leafing. Cleans up easily with just soap and water.

Antiquing Glaze: Water-based glaze that has been specially formulated for metal leafing. It gives metal leafing projects an aged look and deep umber hue.

Metal Leafing Adhesive: Water based adhesive designed for metal leaf work that cleans up easily with soap and water. Can also be used for a wide range of arts and crafts.

Metal Leaf Sealer: Water-based sealer protects metal leafing projects from tarnishing. Cleans up easily with soap and water.

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