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Tri-Art Finest Quality Modeling Paste Matte 250 mL


Modeling Paste is useful for building up surfaces; it has a very high viscosity which allows for achieving stiff peaks and crisp, rigid, impasto texture. It dries to a matte, opaque white finish. May be tinted with colour prior to application; best applied with spreading tools to achieve crisp peaks and impasto textures. It can also be used to fill cracks and create textured surfaces. This premium quality product can be sanded and lightly carved once fully cured.

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The ideal medium for creating textured surfaces. Modeling Paste is extremely hard in consistency once completely cured. It will achieve stiff peaks and crisp, rigid textures: Best applied with palette knife. It may be tinted prior to applying to a surface or once dry.

Modeling Paste used to create textured grounds. Modeling Paste is a premium quality medium that can be used to create textured surfaces on a number of grounds creating peak and impasto textures. It is an ultra-thick medium that is best applied with spreading tools to create textures and heavy applications.

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Brand Tri-Art
Size 250 ml
Country of Manufacture Canada
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