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M Graham Artists' Acrylic Matte Medium - 4 oz

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Acrylic Matte Medium: Matte Medium contains environmentally friendly matting agents which create a low sheen effect while enhancing the colour.

Matte Medium is concentrated and increases the adhesion, flexibility and durability of the paint film.  It is recommended over water alone (excessive use of water as a diluent decreases the strength of the acrylic film).

To thin acrylic colour, make a mixture of 50% water to medium and add to colour until desired consistency is achieved.

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Brand Mr Graham
Size 4 oz
New Colour Attribute #FCFCFC
Country of Manufacture United States
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M. Graham Polymer Mediums

M Graham's Matte & Gloss mediums provide ease of use and response to acrylic colours while strengthening the paint film and adding a uniform matte surface, or glossy sheen.

Use Gloss Medium and Matte Medium to change the surface and finish of M. Graham Acrylics, or acrylic paints of other manufacturers. Like all polymer mediums, they dry to a clear finish. The matte medium will appear cloudier.

Each M. Graham acrylic colour has its own character, based on the properties of the pigment itself. Colours that have larger pigment particles tend to have a more matte appearance, while finer pigments lead to a more glossy finish. It is left to the artist to make final adjustments, as needed.

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