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Jack Richeson Pro Acrylic Fine Cotton Canvas 16 x 20 inches

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This Jack Richeson Professional Canvas starts with 100% Pure Cotton in a fine grain, single weave, 9oz weight. From there it is mounted onto finger-joined pine stretcher bars and sized with 3 layers of gelatin. The canvas is hand-primed with 4 layers of acrylic, resulting in an amazing smooth 15oz weight surface. Good for any oil- or water-based paint. Individual Fine Cotton canvas measures 16 x 20 inches.

   • Professional-grade stretched canvas from Jack Richeson
   • 100% Cotton in fine grain/single weave/gelatin sized/15 ounce
   • Hand-Primed with 4 layers of acrylic - a great surface for any paint
   • Mounted on finger-jointed pine stretcher bars

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Jack Risheson beautiful canvas line is available in 3 finishes. Mounted on finger-joined pine stretcher bars, each canvas is hand-primed with high attention to detail for a great finish,

Linen Canvas has the greatest durability and resistance to moisture and temperature, great for archival work.

Cotton Canvas is a durable, modern alternative to linen. The flat canvas structure is great for artists who enjoy a perfectly smooth surface with no natural linen fiber irregularities.

Oil Emulsion Priming is a long-perfected technology. It is the ideal base for oil painting as it prevents the penetration of paint binders to the back of the canvas.

Acrylic Priming is good for any paint, is frost-resistant and flexible.

Natural Drying provides a strong coupling and high elasticity of the priming.

Available in:

Fine Grain, Acrylic Primed Linen Canvas

  • 100% Pure Linen
  • Fine Grain, Single Weave
  • Pre-prime: 235g, 8oz. Post-prime: 400g, 14oz
  • Sizing: Gelatin, 3 -Layers
  • Priming: Acrylic, 4-layer

Rough Grain, Oil Primed Linen Canvas

  • 100% Pure Linen
  • Rough Grain, Single Weave
  • Pre-prime: 280g, 9ox. Post-prime: 430g, 15oz.
  • Sizing: Gelatin, 3-layers
  • Priming: Oil-Emulsion Priming, 5-layers

Fine Grain, Acrylic Primed Cotton Canvas

  • 100% Pure Cotton
  • Fine Grain, Single Weave
  • Pre-primed: 265g, 9oz. Post-prime: 450g, 15oz.
  • Sizing: Gelatin, 3-layers
  • Priming: Acrylic, 4-layers
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Brand Jack Richeson & Co. Inc.
Country of Manufacture Ukraine
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