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Hangman Heavy Duty Mirror & Picture Hanger 18-inch


Great for hanging heavy pictures, mirrors or even cabinets, there is no easier or safer way than using these easy to mount hangers. Select the proper hanger by the weight of the item you’re hanging; attach the mounting bracket to the item to be hung, attach the wall bracket to the wall using the unique bubble level to ensure it is level, slide the two together and youre done! Each package contains the two brackets, bubble level and mounting hardware.

The Hangman Heavy Duty Mirror & Picture Hanger is our classic and best-selling product. It consists of two aluminum interlocking brackets modeled after the French Cleat featuring a built-in level which ensures an accurate installation. The aircraft grade aluminum brackets will not corrode and can be used indoors or outdoors on all surfaces. The system includes Walldog anchorless fasteners.

Models Available: HM-18D

OFFSET 1/4" (7 MM.)

  • 18" SIZE HOLDS UP TO 200 LBS
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Arts & Crafts Hanging Solutions

Hanging Solutions offers hangers for just about anything that goes on the wall! From heavy mirrors and pictures to canvas, wall décor and posters.

Hangman’s products begin where hooks and wire end.  Our innovative systems hang heavy objects like mirrors, glass framed art and wall décor simply, safely, securely, and level every time.  Another product group hangs canvas art, posters, key hole wall décor, and light frames.  Our newest line focuses on easy, no-damage installation for objects heavy or light.  Believe it or not, we can even hang your TV.

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