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Grafix Prepared Frisket Film Pads | Rolls

GRA-Frisket Film

Grafix Prepared Frisket Low Tack-.002 and Extra Tack-.001 Films are a self-adhering film with a removable adhesive that leaves no residue. This durable film will allow clean cuts and reusable masking. 

Great for airbrushing, retouching, stencils, rubber stamping, watercolours and masking.

  • Easy to cut and peel
  • Repositionable
  • Translucent backing
  • Moisture and wrinkle proof
  • Low tack removable adhesive
  • Won’t wrinkle bleed or lift
  • No residue
  • Gives more exacting colour control
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Brand Grafix
Country of Manufacture United States
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Grafix Frisket Film is offered in 2 styles:available in sheets, rolls and packs of 6, 12 or 100 sheets.

All Purpose Low Tack – A .002” film in clear or matte with an ultra-removable adhesive on a polypropylene base. The adhesive sticks when needed and removes without leaving a residue. Excellent for use on hot press (smooth) surfaces including illustration board, photographs, watercolour and drawing paper and with most airbrush techniques.

Extra Tack – A .001″ matte polyester film with a strong adhesive to help prevent paint seepage and edge build up. Ideal for use on cold press (rough) board, glass, plastic, metal or applications requiring more exact colour control.

Essential for work that requires controlled application, frisket film is a transparent masking film compatible with almost all surfaces.

It is easy to peel and leaves no residue on the board. It's backed by a translucent paper for handling ease and is perfect for light protection, pre-cut stenciling, and on-the-artwork masking and cutting.

(Grafix Frisket Films are not recommended for use with automotive paints and applications)

® Grafix is a registered trademark.

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