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Grafix Impress Inking Palette - 8.5'' x 11'', Pkg of 6 sheets


Grafix Impress Inking Palettes are smooth, non-porous, .004" thick, plastic sheets that work with all types of printing ink. Great for rolling out inks for block printing, monoprinting, and stamping.

Impress Inking Palettes are quick and easy to use.

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Grafix Imaging Print Film is used as a masking stencil to create clear film positives for the screen-printing photo emulsion process. They are compatible with either ink jet or laser printers. Imaging film is made for fine line work, half tone images, and hand drawn or painted art stencils.

Use for screen printing – scanned computer art, fine line art and halftone photo emulsion stencils, and images guides for hand cut stencils.

Use a black marker to fill in dots or areas that need to be opaque. It might be necessary to print out 2 copies to increase the opaqueness of the image. Align the copies and tape them together to secure the two pieces of film.

One of the most common mistakes when using text during printing is forgetting about reversing the text or image so that the artwork is readable after printing.

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Brand Grafix
Country of Manufacture United States
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