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Golden Open Acrylic Thinner-4oz

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Golden Open Acrylic Thinner: Use this to thin the consistency of paint mixes, or to maintain and adjust the workability of colours on the palette without the use of water mist and moisturizing palettes.

  • Replaces materials that evaporate from paint on the palette during long painting sessions
  • Reduces brush drag
  • Water- based additive designed to thin consistency open acrylics
  • Will not alter open time
  • Also functions as a thin-bodied retarder
  • Availble: 4oz bottle or 1oz bottle
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OPEN Thinner is a water-based additive designed to thin the consistency of OPEN Acrylics without altering open time, as well as maintain and adjust the workability of colours on the palette. It can also function as a thin-bodied retarder when used with heavy body or fluid acrylics. It contains no binders, does not form a film and should never be used alone.

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Brand Golden
Size 118 ml
Country of Manufacture United States
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