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Golden Open Acrylic Gel Matte - 8oz.

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Golden Open Acrylics expand the boundaries of acrylic painting, making them suitable for artists whose painting style requires extended working time. To maintain the maximum working time of Golden Acrylics, use Golden Open. Acrylic Gels are manufactured in the same consistency as the Golden Open Acrylic colours. Use it to extend the paints while maintaining their working properties.

  • Has a slightly softer feel than Golden’s regular gloss gel medium and the same
  • Can be used for glazes and to extend the paints while maintaining working prop
  • Adjust colour strength and translucency while maintaining consistency and maximum working time.
  • Compatible with OPEN and GOLDEN Acrylics.
  • Dries extremely slow
  • For faster drying time, use with GOLDEN Acrylic colours and gels.
  • Don not apply fast drying products over wet layers or OPEN Acrylics
  • Clean with soap and water
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OPEN Gels and Mediums are compatible with Golden Heavy Body and Fluid Acrylic colours, as well as regular acrylic gels and mediums and will increase open time while altering their consistency. 

OPEN Acrylic Gel (Gloss and Matte) has a slightly softer feel than our Regular Gel (Gloss) and the same consistency as OPEN colours. It can be used for glazes and to extend the paints while maintaining working properties of OPEN acrylics. 

Image Transfer How-To

Nearly any gel, medium, or acrylic paint will work to lift an image, depending on the texture, clarity, and color you want to trap the image within.

1. Apply the gel or paint, and while it is wet, place the image side of a printed laser paper copy directly into the wet gel. Let dry overnight.

2. Dampen the paper with a wet sponge. Wait a few minutes to allow water to soak paper. Begin rubbing carefully. Use a soft cloth or scrubbie to remove the paper. You will probably have to remove the paper a few times, for a clean transfer. When the water evaporates, you will be able to see the areas that you missed.

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Brand Golden
Size 237 ml
Country of Manufacture United States
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