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Golden Morning Glow

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Golden Morning Glow is an abstract painting of the golden hour, (also known as the Magic Hour) infusing sunlight on the surface of the earth with a soft, warm, diffuse, and ethereal golden glow enriching our colourful world, symbolizing safety, warmth, and family as the sun rises once again, bringing the promises and challenges of a new day to live.

  • Title: Golden Morning Glow (original)
  • Medium: Acrylic, Glass, Fantasy paints and Resin
  • Dimensions: 18" x 24" Gallery Framed
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Golden Evening Glow was inspired by the colours of the morning Sun considered a very uplifting and positive colour, a feeling of enlighten optimistic feeling.

Sunrise symbolizes the beginning of life. The world starts anew. The birds sing. We return to the light of day, to reason, knowledge and wisdom. There is the promise that our goals and ideals may be fulfilled, that we may be embarking on a new adventure. In rituals and stories throughout human history, the sun represents health, power, energy, and joy, while Light serves as a symbol of spiritual well-being and God.

The Bright gold catches the eye represents inspiration and activation of spiritual energy. This golden colour creates a symbolic inspirational representation of better understanding and knowledge of oneself and increases compassion and love toward Mother Earth.

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Dimensions 18" x 24" Gallery Framed
Country of Manufacture Canada
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