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General's Sketching Flat Pencil - 4B


General Flat Sketching Pencils are large and oval shaped with thick rectangular lead for making broad flat strokes. Ideal for quickly covering backgrounds and large areas.

Available in Medium (2B), Soft (4B), and Extra Soft (6B).

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New Colour Attribute #545454
Sort Parent Product 2
Brand General
Country of Manufacture United States
Type of Store Credit value Select
Country of Origin 531-4B

From sketching out delicate calligraphy, to drafting building plans, General’s Flat Sketching pencils do it all. An extra-wide graphite core lets you work in broad strokes, and is easily sharpened to a point with General’s Flat Pencil sharpener. Now that’s one versatile pencil.

  • Thick rectangular lead
  • For making broad strokes
  • Ideal for covering large areas
  • Made in the USA
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