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Stand with Ukraine: We Donate $5,000 To Help Ease The War

Stand with Ukraine: We Donate $5,000 To Help Ease The War

Event Information

04/01/22 16:00:00 - 06/30/22 16:00:00

Stand with Ukraine: We Donate $5,000 To Help Ease The War

  • Time: From April 4th, 2022 to May 31st, 2022
  • You can purchase your supplies at King’s Framing & Art Gallery in Corbeil, ON P0H 1K0

Recognizing your generosity and desire to respond to humanitarian needs, we collaborate with Red Cross Canada to collect donations from art lovers and our supporters all over the world. More specifically:

  • On every sale over $100 before tax, we will donate 10% to the Red Cross Relief Fund. 

The collected money will be sent to Ukraine to support people there. Under the best practice, we choose to donate money to reputable and experienced Red Cross Canada instead of sending relief items because this enables them to quickly buy supplies subject to the particular needs of those affected by the war. You can have peace of mind that your donation goes where it is needed most. 

  • Besides, if you would also like to help in this fundraising, we would appreciate any added personal donation to the Red Cross Ukraine Relief Fund

You can insert the $ amount you would like to donate to this cause in the donation section. Any amount is noteworthy. We value your support. The money will be audited by Red Cross Canada. The amount of donated money will also be continuously updated on the website of Red Cross Canada.

  • Lastly, we are opening an auction to help raise the money for this campaign too.

The first series of four unframed pieces includes one original painting of each, an elephant, seal, dolphin and lion, available for a minimum bid of $75. The second series with various colourful landscapes will be offered next month.

Bob King would also frame the artwork at an additional cost of $100 using the sample black backload wooden frame. A sample frame can be seen on Lise's vertical winter mountain landscape, which is also being donated to the auction with a minimum donation bid of $250 for that piece. 

Please place your bid and contribute your donation to Ukraine through this page.


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