"Flowers, Feathers, Forests" Art Show

Event Information

07/09/22 02:00:00 - 08/06/22 09:00:00
Alex Dufresne Art Gallery

“…Especially important, is the feeling of peace and serenity when viewing the collection as a whole. We need more of that in our lives,” answers Sheila Hunter when asked about her upcoming art exhibition with her cousin Georgina Bernache and what she hopes guests will take away from their visit. Hunter, a photographer and Bernache, a painter, are each bringing their own artistic talents to their tandem show “Flowers, Feathers, Forests” opening Saturday at the Alex Dufresne Art Gallery in Callander. Hunter’s interest in art and drawing began as a child. She studied many art classes in high school and began experimenting with photography as an elective course in College. After inheriting a very good camera and lens about eight years ago, she began to really enjoy would could be captured and the pleasure that comes from producing beautiful images. Her influences in art photography include family members, business clients, friends, and her late husband Eric Crawford, who was a professional portrait photographer. For Bernache, her love of art started many long years ago when her and her sister used to live in a very small community and spent a lot of their time playing with paper dolls. They would trace from previous purchases and began to draw their own as an enjoyable pastime. Later in life Bernache learned to sew her own clothes which including designing and colour coordinating, and she took watercolour and oil night classes for a time. “Flowers, Feathers, Forests” is a beautiful collection of colour popping paintings coupled with stunning photography that is a study of colour, pattern and texture. The camera lens or paint brush can capture designs our eye may not, such as stopping the movement of water. Bird lovers will enjoy the show especially as there are a series of images captured by Hunter that are particularly interesting because she feels “you can look into their eyes and have a connection with what they were feeling in that moment… a glance into their eyes.” Gardeners too will appreciate Bernache’s take on various flowers such as the tulip, gladiolus, peony. “Art helps you become more observant and to explore” Bernache says and we hope you will join us on Saturday July 9 for an opportunity to explore the wonders of nature in our own backyards. The reception for “Flowers, Feathers, Forests” will be from 2:00 – 4:00pm and the artists will be present. The show will remain on display until August 6. Operating hours for the Museum and Gallery are Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 – 5:00pm and we are located at 107 Lansdowne St. E. in Callander. Please find us on Facebook for more information, email us at or phone us at 705-752-2282.