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Enkaustikos Hot Brush Tools Attachments

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The Hot Brush is an attachment for the temperature-regulated Enkaustikos Wax Pen. Like the Classic Brush, this brush is also handcrafted with solid brass filaments and brass ferrules. The Hot Brush is ideal for applying thin transparent layers. Encaustic paint cools almost immediately, allowing multiple layers to be applied rapidly. Furthermore, these layers will not mix unless it is the intention of the artist to work them into each other using the heated filaments.

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1 Encaustic Hot Tools Hot Brush Angled Bright #6 Encaustic Hot Tools Hot Brush Angled Bright #6
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2 Encaustic Hot Tools Hot Brush Angle Flat #6 Encaustic Hot Tools Hot Brush Angle Flat #6
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Loading your Enkaustikos Pen or Brush Attachment is easy; simply dip the attachment into hot liquid encaustic wax before painting. The brass attachment is kept hot by the Wood burner pen and the temperature regulator which allows you to find the optimum temperature for each attachment. The heated pen tip allows you to draw with liquid wax paint at your leisure without rushing to apply colour before the wax cools.

Enkaustikos developed the Hot Wax tools to enable encaustic artists to create special effects while still maintaining the molten state of coloured wax. The Hot Wax Pen tips and brush attachments can be used to create an array of line widths; from fine lines to wide transparent strokes of wax. Solid brass is used to handcraft the Enkaustikos C-Series Pen Points and Brush Attachments.

The heated Enkaustikos Wax tools maintain the molten state of wax until it is applied to the painting surface. This innovation allows the encaustic painter the option to work on fine details or fast and spontaneous shapes of colour.

  • Features: Handmade quality, Brass construction, Seamless ferrules
  • Perfect for Encaustic painters and Artists of all levels
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