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Encaustikits By Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch - Loudon Collective Set

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Encaustikits by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch-Enkaustikos Loudon Collective Set

The Loudon Collective is a set of unique colours inspired by the historical southern flavour and charm of the homes Patricia is surrounded by in the North Lexington urban district where she lives in the infamous EncaustiCastle!

Explore the colours in this set: Brenda's Place, Backyard Blues, In The Grey, Neighbour's Porch, Summer Mint


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Like all of Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch colours, these were specially formulated for her in collaboration with our colourist and custom paint maker, Kathryn Bevier.

Loudon Collective includes

Brenda’s Place which is a deep transparent plum of a purple.

Backyard Blues is opaque, light and fresh twist of a cerulean blue.

In the Grey is a wonderful midtone taupe that is perfect by itself, but also a great way to mute out any colour without dulling.

Neighbour’s Porch is the lightest peach, great for lightening other colours or for using as is. It is opaque.

Summer Mint is the lightest chartreuse green with verdant freshness.

  • Each set contains 13ml of each colour.
  • Sticks measure 6cm x 1.5cm x 1.5cm
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