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Encaustic Art Stylus Pro

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The Stylus Pro is a wonderful graphics tool for melting wax colours and working with them for making lines, spots, shading, filling, mixing and any drawing or painting procedures.  The dual heat settings with on-handle control including an active red "live" light, mean perfect control of a wide variety of available tips and head shapes.  There is also a crucible head attachment which enables line dribbling, pouring and flowing of wax through a small tube.  The Stylus Pro is a really useful and high-quality addition to any encaustic art collection of tools and materials.

The drawing tip acts as a quill pen and draws the wax into the slit.  The brush head, the stroke looks like a marker, also works great for stroke for a Pine Tree and can also be used to make foliage on trees and bushes.  Just to name a few.

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Stylus Pro Encaustic Art Stylus (Threaded Tips)

The Encaustic Art Stylus Pro is a low-heat graphical tool intended specifically for working with molten wax.  The standard drawing tip, brush head and rectangle shape come with the Stylus. These allow spots, lines, shading and many shapes to be created.  Graphical renderings and blending become easy. The convenient switch on the handle has a red-light alert when switched on.  Use setting I – to heat the smaller tips and head shapes. For a boost or using larger head shapes move the switch to II, for a hotter output. There are many more head shapes available for this lovely tool and the crucible enables melting and pouring in a very different manner.

Stylus Pro includes drawing tip, wire brush head, rectangular tip, stand, sandpaper & instructional book (tips are threaded).

Design with two temperature settings, low temperature drawing tool comes with 3 tips: a wire brush, one nib and a rectangular flat tip, that can be used with intense colours or glazes.


This low temperature drawing tool is a favourite!  We love how fine lines can be added to our artwork. This stylus maintains a working temperature of 200 deg. F. and comes with three tips: the drawing tip can be dipped into medium where they pull up coloured wax to draw with, the rectangular head can manipulate and sculpt, and the wire brush creates interesting texture on the surface.  Beautiful with oil paint rubbed in once the wax has cooled.

This electrically powered Stylus Pro wax graphics tool will enable detailed application and working with the wax colours. It works as a pen, a brush and an icon and mark making tool. The twin heat control with an on/off switch on the handle (active red light on handle too) makes life easy and the work is very controllable and enjoyable.  The threaded tip fixing system offers quick tip changes and allows many tip and head types to be used. Check out the tips and heads available in the tools section.

  • Size: 200mm x 32mm diameter (without any tip fitted)
  • Lightweight Cable: 1400mm long (approximately)
  • It comes complete with:
  • 1 x Drawing Tips (Ref #99530605)
  • 1 x Wire Brush Head (Ref #99530610)
  • 1 x Oblong Tip – Rectangular (Ref #99530730)
  • Small metal stand (optional to use)
  • Fine Abrasive Paper (for careful reshaping & polishing of tips)
  • UL-110-120-volt Stylus Pro tool (USA Std)


  • Weight: 270 grams
  • Size: 255 x 82 x 52mm
  • Material: plastic / metal
  • Temperature: 70 – 90 °C / 158 – 194 °F
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