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Encaustic Art Starter Set in Gift Box

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This ideal STARTER SET in GIFT BOX contains all you need to begin. The Encaustic Art Painting Iron, 16 wax block colours, A6 and A5 white painting cards, a metal scribing tool and a short multi-lingual guide (English, French, German, Dutch & Spanish). Once you get this you are all set to start your Encaustic Art journey.

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The Starter Set is a lovely box in which there is a Painting Iron, 16 wax colours, A6 & A5 white cards, a metal scribing tool and an introduction in 5 languages (English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish). This is a beautiful gift for anyone who is remotely interested in creative activity – no previous painting skills required!

The IRON is packed in a separate box inside the main Gift box and is plugged ready to use (120volts - 60Hz - 200W).

Inside the gift box you receive 16 carefully selected, bright and beautiful Encaustic Wax Colours which are again packed separately in their own box: Crimson #01, Orange #03, Leaf Green #06, Blue Green #08, Ultra Marine Blue #10, Red Violet #12, Rust Brown #13, Black #15, White #16, Olive Green #23, Pink #24, Clear Wax Medium #27, Pastel Blue #31, Mid Yellow #44, Cyan Blue # 46, Purple #48

  • 30 x A6 painting cards (approx size 148mm x 105mm)
  • 10 x A5 painting cards (approx size 148mm x 210mm)
  • A Metal Scribing Tool for sgraffito (scratching & scraping techniques).
  • A 5-language introduction – English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish.

Encaustic art is about using molten wax as a creative medium. Electricity means that temperature-controlled tools enable far easier working of the wax paint medium than that which our ancestors had to master. The genre of encaustic arts can span all ability levels, from complete beginner, through the crafts & hobby arts & on into the finest of fine arts.  Generally, the encaustic art product line uses heated tools to melt & apply the wax block colours onto card or other surfaces. Thin application means a rigid support is generally not necessary & fusing occurs during the application process.

Encaustic videos help you understand the encaustic medium in its many forms. The waxes in the encaustic art range are formulated with waxes and pigments only and do not contain resins of any type – resin wax formulations often contain 85% beeswax + 15% damar. Resin wax is often applied as hot wax (molten) with cold tools (usually brushes) onto a rigid surface. It needs fusing with a heat source to meld the layers of applied wax together properly.

There are 2 main approaches.

Hot tools melt the cold wax solid, apply and tool the wax colours and fuse them all in one go.  It is a single layer process where the wax colours are fused and applied with the same stroke.

Cold tools take wax paint from pre-melted containers, and apply them, usually to rigid surfaces. Fusing is then necessary to meld the layers applied into one cohesive piece of work.

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