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Derwent Graphik Inspire Me Book - Medium 7.9 x 7.9 inches

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Derwent Graphik Inspire Me book Medium – has 82 pages of bleed-proof marker paper, featuring printed patterns to inspire your illustrations, drawings and doodles. Dots, triangles, squares and hexagons (8 pages of each) are nestled within the book. 120gsm, available in two sizes (20cm and 14cm square)

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Activating Graphik Line Painter Pens

  • Shake for 20 seconds or until the pigment has mixed
  • Remove the lid and push the nib down on your paper and hold for two seconds - do this only once
  • Keep the pen in an upright position
  • Be patient, the paint will flow through to the nib. You will see it drop down and colour the nib, then you are ready to draw
  • If the paint fails to flow to the nib repeat the process, but never pump the nib up and down unless you want to flood it

Use on Different Surfaces
The Line Painters can be used on many types of surfaces including wood, textiles and glass. Everyday objects such as canvas shoes, photo frames and Christmas baubles can be transformed into bright, vibrant pieces of art. The painting pens can be used in conjunction with the Graphik Line Makers, with the dark tones complementing the bright colours, helping to add a degree of depth and the all important detail.

The paint is water-soluble when wet and once dry becomes permanent and can be worked over to create added hues and tints without damaging the colour. The pens smooth finish and vibrant colour helps add character to a painting.

Fine Art or a Modern Twist
Colour can be moved across the page and interesting effects created by blowing the paint whilst wet on the paper, flicking paint onto the paper from the pens nib or using the Derwent technique brushes or waterbrushes to create a variety of different marks.

Extremely Versatile
The colourful, opaque paint can be concentrated for texture and detailed fine lines and also color blocked to cover large surfaces quickly.

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Brand Winsor & Newton
Country of Manufacture China
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