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King’s Framing & Art Gallery is an artist’s centred gallery supporting artists and matches all competitors’ prices. We offer a special benefit package for the Artist to not only get discounts, but also sell their artwork on the website, host an individual artist profile and an artist blog.  At a cost of only $100.00 yearly membership (12 months):


    • • Individual Artist Profile and Gallery store
    • • Free Artist blog post
    • • 20% Consignment Fee on artwork sales paid to King’s Framing & Art Gallery
    • • 40% Discount on custoam framing
    • • 10 % to 20% Discount on supplies
    • • $75 Online purchases: We offer Free Shipping

The blogs will have links back to the artist profile page or artwork promoting the individual artists that posted a blog. The blogs must pertain to the interest and/or benefit to the art community.

When you are a member and someone buys an unframed artwork from you at an event and needs custom framing, you can offer the customer an incentive to purchase with a 25% discount from King’s Framing & Art Gallery in Corbeil, for investing in one of our members. We will need the sales receipt as proof of purchase signed by you.

King’ s Framing & Art Gallery is obliged to notify the artists of any sales and pay the artists the pre-agreed contract fee with the exempt of the commission fee.

The artist has to agree to not personally sell any artwork less than the agreed price displayed on the website. If the artist breaks this agreement, he/she will no longer be eligible to display his/her works on the website.

This offer stands for a one year membership interval and will need to be renewed on a yearly basis.

As we proceed we will revisit the programs benefits and adjust accordingly. Your suggestions are welcome. When you invest in us, we re-invest in you... the arts community.

Thank You,

Bob & Lise King

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