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Custom Frames Instructions

Our entire range of wood and aluminium picture frames that can be custom made to your measurements.  If you are looking for a picture frame of a particular specification you will find the product on the right to choose a suitable frame for your project. Prices for each different frame can also be displayed for popular size frame or custom sizes up to 48 inch by 36 inch. The display of frames can be sorted by frame width or frame price by clicking the relevant text just above the first image.

While viewing our range of picture frames: All of these frames can be custom made to your exact specification. To compare prices of the different moulding styles please push “Apertures tab” to enter your sizes below in inches.  To choose the colour and frame type push the “Frame Colour tab” and other option tabs, (ex: Select your Colour of Frame, Select the Width of your Frame and Select your Style of Frame and what is the Depth of Your Canvas tab).

To customise the frames with different mounts and glazing please click the "Mounts and Glazing tabs" to proceed to our custom picture frame designer.  Then you can pick your mat widths and your mat colour on the right hand side box. Once open you can choose different mat type from the top left hand scroll down tab, (Ex: Black Core, Conservation, Designer Suede, Linen Fabric Mat, Real Linen and Weave).  Then you can review your order under the “Review tab” make any corrections before adding to cart.

Custom Frames Description

Light Wood Picture Frames
Our light wood picture frames are suited to any modern room, offering a clean and airy surround for your favourite photographs or mementoes. Our range offers simple and stylish square frames with natural or teak stain, as well as oak coloured and beaded frames, including a touch of golden coloured frames.

Black & Grey Picture Frames
Our black and grey picture frames range in more than just two shades.  Choose from frames stained or painted with gloss or matt paint, with gold or silver trim or with wood grain colourings.

Metal Picture Frames
Our metal picture frames are ideal when you want a modern, clean look in your home or office.  They're available in a range of three colours, from Black, Gold and Silver in matte or gloss finishes.

Dark Wood Picture Frames
We have a selection of dark brown picture frames in a range of profiles and styles.  They come in stained, varnished or veneer finishes and width and depth, flat or moulded.

Bronze Picture Frames
Our selection of Bronze and Copper picture veneer finished frames come in matte or gloss finishes in a range of profiles and styles.

Silver Picture Frames
Our range of Silver picture frames also come in a matte or glass finish in a range of profiles and styles.

Gold Picture Frames
Give your photographs and pictures a rich, regal air with these exquisite looking gold picture frames. Available in classic gold leaf, mixed with greens and reds and gold paint.  For a modern look, choose the simple, square frame; if you want a traditional feel, go for frames with detailed beading.

Coloured Picture Frames
Our collection of coloured picture frames come in primary colours, with a simple bright coloured satin painted finishes, (Ex: White, Yellow, Navy Blue, Black, Red and Green).

Barefaced Picture Frames
Keep things simple and strip away all the extra jazz with our classic barefaced picture frames. Available in pine, oak and barn board, these natural frames come with square or beveled edges, and in custom sizes, so you can be sure they are the perfect fit for anything you want to frame.

White Picture Frames
Our selection of white picture frames is perfect for posters, photos and paintings. The frames are offered in Satin White.  Choose from square frames with a flat or beveled interior edge.

Canvas Floater Frames

Canvas inside a floater frame
Canvas floater frames give the illusion the canvas you place in the frame is floating in the distinctive space within the frame.  These frames are usually used if you want to display a gallery wrap canvas since the edge of the painting or the canvas print does not get covered, and displays the entirety of the canvas leaving nothing to the imagination.

We will manufacture the opening size of your canvas floater frame to the size you enter plus a ⅛ inch allowance.  This will allow suitable movement and space the canvas away from the edge so it appears to float.

Canvas Stretcher Frames
Our Canvas Stretchers are manufactured to your specification in a sturdy one piece format, like a standard frame and come in regular (3/4 inch) and gallery (1-1/2 inch) sizes.  You should also note when ordering, if they are to fit an existing frame they must be a minimum of a quarter inch smaller to allow for canvas thickness and clearance for the existing frame.

When measuring your canvas it is important to not presume that it will be square. Measure each outer edge of the stretched canvas, i.e. top, bottom, left and right, and use the larger of the two measurements (if there is a difference) when calculating the size you enter into our website.

Standard Wrap - Canvas is stretched with the intention of framing it afterwards.  The canvas is stretched so the maximum amount of the printed/painted area is displayed across the front.  The edges of the canvas are usually unpainted or unprinted, and the canvas is stapled on the back of the frame. We would recommend ordering the stretcher frame a ¼ inch smaller than the printed/painted area of your canvas to allow for a small amount of bleed around the edges.

Gallery Wrap - Canvas is stretched so the printed/painted area is wrapped around the sides of the stretcher frame and the canvas is stapled around the back edge.  This is a popular and economical way to stretch modern artwork and photographic work as the Gallery Wrapped canvas is hung on the wall without the addition of an external frame. It is important to add 2 inches more of images on all sides of the image you are framing to allow for the canvas image to cover the sides of the stretcher frame assembly.

If you have never stretched a canvas picture before we would strongly recommend getting it done by a reputable local picture framer as it is a skilled job and any mistakes may be irreversible.

NOTE: Canvas Picture Frames are supplied as empty frames - No Glazing, MDF Backing or Flexible Tabs. Suitable for framing stretched oil paintings and canvas prints.

Picture Frames for Stretched Canvas Pictures
Virtually all stretched canvas pictures such as oil painting can be fitted into a normal picture frame and held in place using Canvas Offset Clips.  Our range of Canvas Picture Frames are from our normal custom frame range they can be front floating frames or back load frames. You should eliminated frames with small rebate depths and very thin profiles.  These frames are all supplied without any glazing, backing or flexible tabs and the prices have been lowered accordingly.  These frames will be supplied with hanging fixtures for the back of the frames and Canvas Offset Clips to hold the canvas in place.

It is perfectly normal for the depth of your canvas to protrude past the back of the frame.  The amount your stretched canvas extends out the back of the frame will be determined by the depth of your stretched canvas, and the rebate depth of the selected frame.

Box Display Frames

Side profile of box frame
Box frames are used to frame an item that is thicker than a normal print, such as a football shirt, medal, golf ball, etc, etc. Our range of box frames is available with varying internal depths.

Everyone loves to show-off their prized possessions: be it special photos, treasured keepsakes, sports collectibles or memorabilia. Ever wondered how to make a unique display of your favourite things?

The perfect solution is none other than a 'Box Frame'!

Box frames, or Picture Frames with an internal box, are perfect when an item of display needs more depth than a normal picture frame. They have a particular modern and contemporary style in comparison to classic traditional frame designs.  Designer ones make for splendid wall decor to add a much needed personal touch to that boring wall.

A Box Frame makes for a pride filled wall display to showcase a signed football shirt, clay print of your child's hands, that beautiful collage of photos, mementos, medals, decoupage or your grandparent's war medals.

Don't tuck away your hard work; with an ounce of creativity, you will be able to commemorate your achievements with just the right type of edging to adorn them: The Box Frame.

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