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Cray-Pas Expressionist Assorted Colour Oil Pastel Set-25

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Extremely smooth to apply, high school students, hobbyists and artists can express their spirit with broad strokes, blending colours, to build texture and depth. From dramatic to muted, flamboyant to quiet, the colour range allows users to convey any inspired feeling or imaginative image. Technical qualities are 48 bright and vivid colours, extra fine quality pigment formulations, extremely smooth application, 10mm diameter by 71mm length round stick, ap seal certified for nontoxicity.

Set of 25 assorted colours includes one each red, vermilion, orange, yellow orange, yellow, lemon yellow, yellow green, green, deep green, green gray, pale blue, blue, ultramarine, prussian blue, purple, light purple, pink, pale orange, yellow ochre, olive brown, brown, vandyke brown, black, gray, dark gray.

  • Extra fine quality pigment formulation
  • Meets non-toxicity requirements
  • Ideal for all artist levels, smooth and easy to use
  • Conforms to ASTM d4236
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Expressionist extender assists in the creation of colour hues that further extends the visual possibilities of the final art form. Extra fine quality pigment formulation. Meets nontoxicity requirements. Suitable for many surfaces paper, cardboard, canvas and wood. Applicable for portraits, landscapes and still life’s, handmade cards, scrapbook projects, scratch art, wall art and stenciling.

Sakura Cray-Pas® Expressionist™ oil pastels round sticks sets; the benchmark for pigment quality and performance. Used by high school and college art students. Use for portraits, landscapes, still life, abstracts, and scratch art. Stick size 10 mm x 71 mm (2-3/4" × 7/16"). Cray-Pas® oil pastels can create oil paint effects; are easy to hold with their round shapes; will not peel, crack, or flake; easily blendable; and safe for children. Nontoxic.

Expressionist pastels are of the highest quality, silky soft texture, very high pigmentation and larger in size (10mm diameter). This extra fine quality oil pastel is the standard crayon, which all other oil pastels emulate. With Expressionist pastels, it is possible to imitate the effect of oil paint and with extender, it is possible to lighten colours and make them transparent.

  • Soft, coloured oil pastel in intense colours; gluten-free
  • Specially developed as the ideal drawing and colouring material for children from 4 to 10 years old
  • It is easy to mix the colours and to apply several layers of colour on top of each other
  • Colours will not peel, stain or crack
  • Suitable for many surfaces paper - cardboard - canvas and wood
  • Easy to compose portraits -  landscapes - still-life - abstracts - scratch art
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