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Preparing a New Generation of Artistic Leaders

Founded in 2013, Sponsors for ‘The Children Art Patronage Program’ provides opportunities for the talented young person’s artistic development. When a pencil strokes across a page or a brush full of vibrant paint swirls on a canvas, the joy of the child creating that art piece is amazing to see. The young children in class find a part of themselves in their ability to be artistic and we usually notice a boost in their self-esteem. These activities provides technical instructions and foster their creative intuition that will benefit them in years to come in whichever career they chose to pursue.

Art education sponsors are those individuals or corporations who sponsor funds, equipment and other essentials for the promotion of art education for all children. Art education sponsors promote equal access to learning for underprivileged families, addressing opportunities that would otherwise not be provided and often limiting their success.

As an art instructor Lise King at King’s Framing & Art Gallery, wishes to help these parents by partnering with other businesses and individuals to assist with the cost of art materials in a variety of mediums for the children to experience. We also provide free workshops such as our Culture Days event, which offers a fun-filled art experience for the whole family.


The Children Arts Patronage is a unique and rewarding way of promoting your brand to a valuable demographic. Fund the creative Children Art Patronage Program & enhance your brand.


They learn discipline and responsibility as well as the value of the three ‘R’s’ Respect the instructor, respect their peers and respect their materials.

  • • 100% funds go to the Children Art Education Patronage Program
  • • 100% benefit to the children self esteem
  • • 100% benefiting child’s ability to make a career choice, (whether it is in the arts or business, science or hospitality, etc).
  • • 100% creative cognitive development (concentration, pattern and innovative thought process and problem solving).

The Children Art Education Patronage Program makes it easy for businesses and organizations to support the arts, and offers a great way to gain access to new audiences, generate goodwill, and build a channel for corporate social responsibility.

Finding the funds needed to bring ideas to life is often a long and difficult process for both the children that loves doing art and the parents that would love to support their children’s interest. The Children Art Education Patronage Program aims to change that.

We're launching our innovative online yearly platform, starting Jan 2014. Please scroll down and read how it works, and if you would like to learn more contact
Lise King,
Tel: 705-753-4211 or

What are the benefits of becoming a patron of The Children Art Education Patronage Program?

The Children Art Education Patronage Program is a unique marketing and publicity platform. This opportunity will allow members to gain access to new and exciting audiences, generate goodwill, and build a channel for corporate social responsibility by giving financial support to young up-and-coming artists and entrepreneurs, by enabling them to create work that will remain relevant and captivating.


Minimal fees permit ‘The Children Art Patronage Program’ sponsors advertising privilege on our website:

  • • Card-size: $100
  • • Sidebar: $250
  • • Banner $500 yearly


  • • REFERRALS through an online directory of partners
  • • MARKETING & SELLING BENEFIT gain prospective exposure locally, nationally and globally.
  • • Free Business blog post will help you grow your business with current customers as well as acquire new ones.
  • • 25% Discount on custom framing
  • • 10 % Discount on supplies
  • • $75 Online purchases: We offer Free Shipping
  • • Social benefits: make new friends, build relationships and help support an arts community.
  • • When someone’s search matches what you offer, your company appears in the search results. Visitors will see your logo, contact information, and link to a list of the services you offer, and a map of where you’re located. They can even send you an email right from here.

The terms "Partnership" and "Partner" refer informally to cooperation between King’s Framing & Art Gallery and targeted businesses, and are not intended to, and do not, connote any legal partnership or other business arrangement other than as independent contractors. This offer stands for a one year membership interval and will need to be renewed on a yearly basis.

Participation in the Partnership Program is subject to approval by King’s Framing & Art Gallery and to the Partner agreeing to and complying with terms and conditions as stipulated above.

As we proceed we will revisit the programs benefits and adjust accordingly. Your suggestions are welcome. When you invest in us, we re-invest in you... the arts community.

Set up a Children Art Education Patronage Program Sponsorship Fund

Decide how much money you would like to contribute. You can request that your funds go towards the art materials or towards underprivileged children art lesson or both.

You may register online or mail a cheque made to:

King’s Framing & Art Gallery

ATTN: The Children Art Education Patronage Program

188 Voyer Rd. Corbeil, ON P0H 1K0


Can I be anonymous?

Yes; Businesses, organizations and individuals can support The Children Art Educational Patronage Program anonymously.

How much does it cost?

Every donation is appreciated. The minimum fee is $100 for your logo and link to be posted onto the website.

Are there tax breaks?

You will have to talk to your accountant. Taxation law is different in every country. .

How do I register?

If you would like to be involved please register your interest below or get in contact with Lise King at or
call 7005.752.4211

If you have any questions or would like to visit us and see the facility, we would be more than happy to arrange a meeting.


Lise King

Artist, Certified: Art Instructor, School of Colour, Product Specialist

Manager: King’s Framing & Art Gallery

Past President: The Consolidated Artist Group of 7s

NOAA Juried Exhibition Tour Convener

Member of Namta: International Art Materia/l Association