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Ampersand Museum Series Pastelbord Panels

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Ampersand Museum Series Pastelbord Panels

Pastelbord is a clay and gesso coated hardboard panel with a granular marble dust finish comparable to a sanded pastel paper except more durable and more versatile. The coating is pH neutral and non-yellowing, making it a truly permanent museum quality surface.

  • Marble-dust tooth holds more layers than pastel paper
  • Holds artwork still eliminating excessive pastel dust collecting inside the frame
  • Available in white, gray, sand, and green tones
  • Not just for pastels; works great with charcoal, conte crayon, coloured pencils, watercolour pencils, ink and acrylics.
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Some General Tips on Using Pastels

Pastels are in general, a fragile medium. They require a sanded durable surface because the pigments need texture to grab onto when painting in layers and when blending repeatedly.

For the pastelist using hard pastels, soft pastels, oil pastels, and pastel pencils, use our Pastelbord which was designed with all these qualities in mind. In addition, try using water soluble pastels because Pastelbord can be used wet or dry without the fear of curling or buckling. Pastels must always be framed behind glass because when they are sprayed with a fixative, the colours can be made to appear dark and dull.

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