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Cambridge Brush, Series 2100 Blend

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The Cambridge from Silver Brush is a uniquely blended 2100 series of interlocked bristle and selected white synthetic filaments. This blend offers superior durability over traditional bristle brushes and is perfect for acrylics, oils, and water mixable oils. The thinner hair bundle within the ferrules allows for greater flexibility and control in acrylics and water-based media. The filament is rugged enough to move colour on any rough surface including walls and furniture. The corrosion resistant ferrules have an additional epoxy barrier to protect the handle from peeling or cracking.

Good for: Oils, Water mixable Oils, Acrylics

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Unique Blended Brushes: Ideal for Acrylic & Oil Paints!

This unique line of painting brushes from Silver Brush is the perfect choice for multimedia artists, as they perform exceptionally well with acrylics, traditional oil paints, and water mixable oils alike! Made from an exclusive blend of pure white natural bristle and selected synthetic filaments.

Cambridge brushes are extremely durable and rugged enough to paint on rough surfaces like walls and furniture.

Available in Round, Flat, Bright, Filbert, and Fan shapes, these unique blended brushes are ideal for any oil or acrylic artist, and are sure to become a favourite!

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Country of Manufacture Sri Lanka
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