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Bruynzeel Aquarel Pencil - Mid Brown #44


Bruynzeel Design Aquarelle Pencils are high quality pencils with a 3.8mm core of select pigments and a liquid wax binder ensuring colour purity that easily blends without wax buildup making an easy transition into use with water, in addition to subtle colour release and incredible lightfastness, make these pencils a top choice for the discerning graphic artist, fine artist, designer, illustrator, or hobbyist.

Bruynzeel watercolour Pencils are a great range of coloured pencils made from the highest quality pigments with colours that transfer well and give a lovely dense colour structure, they are perfect for applying several layers of colour on top of each other but also have the ability to blend well.

  • Use wet or dry
  • Fully Blendable: Easily blends with water
  • Colours layer well
  • 48 Bright colours
  • High quality pigments
  • 3.8mm core pencil ends colour coded for easy selection
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Brand Bruynzeel
New Colour Attribute #666666
Country of Manufacture Netherlands
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The complete Bruynzeel Design collection with graphite, colour, watercolour and pastel pencils is tailored precisely to artists needs and wishes. Because you will be happy with a fine colour feel, high colour transfer, dense colour structure, excellent mixability and a harmony of colours and hardness.

To create detailed watercolour drawings, artists use not only watercolour paint and a brush. For tiny details – that optically contribute the most in terms of depth and shading – they have watercolour pencils. This offers them the freedom of watercolouring and the accuracy of pencils.

Bruynzeel Design watercolour pencils are made from high-quality colour pigments that are completely watersoluble. The pencils can be applied both dry and wet. The core has a thickness of 3.7mm.

Bruynzeel Design Aquarel pencils are available as 48 separate colours and as a luxury boxes of 12, 24 and 48 pencil boxes.

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