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Bob Ross Liquid Opal Oil Paint - 8 oz.


BOB ROSS LIQUID OPAL™ — This slow-drying liquid oil colour is specially designed to work with Bob Ross Soft Oil Colours. It adds a deep richness to floral paintings. The lush new colour looks like melted opal gems. Bob Ross's unique "secret formula" base coats aid in the painting's foundation and keep the canvas wet, the most fundamental step in Bob's wet-on-wet technique. Nontoxic.

  • Aid in the painting's foundation
  • Non-toxic
  • The most fundamental step in Bob Ross's wet-on-wet technique
  • Made according to precise specifications for Bob Ross's wet-on-wet technique, so as to achieve superb predictable results
  • This lush colour looks like melted opal gems
  • Liquid Acrylics 8 oz (236 ml) Can Dimensions: 2.9 x 2.9 x 3.1 inches (7.4 x 7.4 x 7.9 cm)
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Brand Bob Ross
Size 236 ml
Country of Manufacture United States
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The Bob Ross wet-on-wet floral painting technique depends upon working into a “wet” surface which LIQUID OPAL provides. LIQUID OPAL is specially formulated slow drying oil paint designed to provide the proper painting surface for use with Bob Ross Soft Oil Colours and Bob’s floral technique.

To Use:
Mix LIQUID OPAL thoroughly before applying to canvas. Using a Bob Ross natural bristle brush, apply a thin, even coat of LIQUID OPAL to the surface of the canvas with long horizontal and vertical strokes. Do not allow the LIQUID OPAL to dry before you begin painting. Thin and clean up with Bob Ross Odorless Thinner.


La technique Bob Ross de peinture forale “mouillé-sur-mouillé” consiste d’une surface mouillée obtenue par l`application d`OPALE LIQUIDE spéciale assure une surface idéale pour l`emploi des couleurs douces de Bob Ross et pour sa technique florale.

Bien mélanger l`OPALE LIQUIDE avant l`application sur le canevas. Avec une brosse Bob Ross à poil naturel, appliquer une couche d`OPALE LIQUIDE fine et unie avec de longs coups de pineaux horizontaux puis verticaux. Ne pas laisser sécher l`OPALE LUQUIDE avant de commencer à peindre. Diluer et nettoyer avec le diluant inodore Bob Ross.

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