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Bob Ross Floral Bright Brush 3/4 inch


The workhorse of the floral brush team.

The Bob Ross Floral brushes are made of pure, soft but stable bristles.  Specifically designed to work with Bob Ross Soft Oil Colours, these brushes are perfect for painting tiny florets to big roomy petals. 

The ¾” Floral brush can be used to apply background mediums and colours or to paint very large flowers.  It is especially good for painting large double-wide tapered leaves, such as those of the Iris.

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Brand Bob Ross
Country of Manufacture Germany
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Floral Brush ¾ inch: Bob Ross Floral brushes are pure, natural bristle brushes for use with soft oil painting techniques.

  • Hair Type: Bristle
  • Shape: Bright
  • Hair Width: 18mm
  • Hair Length: 19mm
  • Handle Length: Long

This brush is indispensable for leaves and petals. Made from natural bristles and shaped according to Bob's very precise specifications. These brushes are the perfect tool to master Bob's techniques and style.

Professional brushes used in the demonstration of Bob Ross paintings. For all brands of oils. Includes oval, filbert, floral script liner, fan blender, folliage, background, round, landscape, and blender.

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